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Willful Delusion and the Contention for the Truth

By Ugochukwu Odimba

Willful delusion is to know that:
• God does not print any currency
• He does not steal from one to give to another
• He does not engineer erroneous banking transactions

Yet, they raise their phones to receive alert of “miracle money,” and not believe that they are being manipulated and scammed.

It comes in different shades. Sometimes, it is about bribing some angels. At other times, they must “sow up.” And yet, the people do not ask where did Jesus and the Apostles teach those.

The worst of it all is that afterwards, they are asked to “sow seeds” to the miracle worker. And they cannot reason, “Why doesn’t he perform the same miracle or follow the same principles to fill his own account?”

They have refused to submit to Christ but have given themselves to their own selfishness and greed.

They have willfully deprived themselves of godly discernment and rational reasoning.

They have willfully deluded themselves. They deserve what they are getting.

Some others contend for the truth. They refuse to seat on the fence and pretend about the rot going on in the name of minding their business, walking in love, or not “attacking the church.”

They have gone past being blackmailed. They stand for the truth and care less about their reputation.

Pastor Ugochukwu Odimba

They unashamedly contend for the truth.

They uphold the truth of the gospel of Christ and are zealous for the purity of the message.

There is a generation that shall not succumb to lies, blackmail, and intimidation.

I declare where I stand. I am of that generation.

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