Waldorf Knoll Academy set to change the concept of education in Nigeria with new innovation technology

A revolution in education sector in Nigeria is in the offing with the establishment of Waldorf Knoll Academy in Abuja, a school that combines both traditional teaching methods and 21st century technology in impacting knowledge, totorinews reports.

This was revealed by Rachel A. Caine, Head of School of Waldorf Knoll Academy in Abuja during the official opening of the noble education initiative on Thursday, noting the new innovation in teaching is now powered by technology and children in this modern era are fascinated by technology, which can be used as a tool for better teaching methodologies. 

“Waldorf Knoll Academy brings 21st century technology into every class so that every student can experience interactive lessons as well as traditional teaching methods and the aim of the school is to develop the child” Caine said.

“Children nowadays respond to technology and we are aware of that. So when students comes into the classroom, they feel alive, they want to learn within the environment of technology to aid their education,” she added.

“So we are moving away from the old talk and teaching methods and the lecture methods. We want to use technology where students can get involve actively in their lessons and have positive experience. 

“We are simply combining the best of the past and the best of the future,” she further said.

Knowing fully well that parents are the ones responsible for this noble investment in their children, Caine said that the school has a strategy to make teaching be transparent and every lesson will be recorded to give these parents stromg sense of belonging in the teaching of their children.

“We believe that education should be transparent so every lesson will be on video and parents will be able to see what is going on in the classroom.

“All the lessons, classwork and homework will be sent to the parents at the end of the lesson for them to see what has happened. and what they have achieved, alongside their future development. The school is currently for ages 1 – 16 years.

All works and no play makes jack a dull boy is a popular saying, so to this effect, she said that the school will be having a football academy to create a platform where talented or gifted students in football can develop their skills.

“We will be having a football academy, which be preparing players to the highest lessons and levels they can possibly be, which is professional players hopefully.

“It is key for parents that want their children to have brilliant education and also try to play football and if they don’t make it as professional footballers, they can still go to the university because they have comprehensive brilliant education.

“Here at Waldorf Knoll Academy, our job is to develop and nurture students whether is through music, technology, football. Whatever their pathway is, that is what we are going to develop,” she concluded.

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