Nigerian Athletes Will Earn Their Entitlements To The Last Kobo – Senator Enoh

The days of Nigerian athletes being owed their financial entitlements are over, says Senator John Enoh, reports

Senator Enoh, the Minister of Sports Development disclosed that the first set of athletes who won medals at the 13th African Games have already been paid their entitlements and the rest of them will also get their benefits.

“The first set of winning bonuses for athletes that won medals have been paid,” Senator Enoh told in Abuja.

Nigerian Athletes Will Earn Their Entitlements To The Last Kobo - Senator Enoh 3

Senator John Enoh

“So, the only thing that has happened is that there are delays. We hope that others who haven’t received their promises, that their money will be paid.

“There are few things that have taken place, I and others in this sector has tried to give an impression of absolute sincerity. I wondered how certain amount of money marked to be paid and at the end of the day you the money will not be paid. That’s strange.

“I recall for example that I know the president approves close to about N12 millions. Normally, the money gets paid to the ministry of sports. 

“When they first paid it was about 5 billion, I had people from the Finance department and they told me that the money has come and what should be done? 

“And I said transfer all to the account and the question was transfer all? And I said why not and we did that to the last kobo,” he said.

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