One year without drinking coke…

    Two days ago made it exactly one year I stopped drinking coke. I took this decision on 10th December, 2021.

    I was addicted to coke. My wife, children, loved ones, colleagues, all knew about my addiction to coke.

    I drank it to the extent that coke itself knows that I drank it. I know the taste of coke in abroad and how the coke in Nigeria taste.

    I had earlier taken this decision to stop drinking coke on 1st June, 2020 during COVID-19 season. I tried it for four months until I could not control the urge to drink it early October of 2020. I took coke that day and I resumed my intake of coke.

    But when I read that Cristiano Ronaldo does not drink coke or any carbonated drinks except water, I started thinking strongly of how to stop my addiction to coke.

    I have a Pastor friend of mine, who does not drink coke, maltina or any carbonated drinks as well. It is just water for him. Pastor Benson Ifowodo, enough respect to you.

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    One year without drinking coke… 2

    Coke was having a stronghold on me. It became an enemy that must be conquered.

    So, I prayed about it, asked God for the grace to have self control over my addiction to coke. God’s grace was strongly activated on my behalf and I can testify to the glory of God that i no longer have cravings to drink coke, fanta, maltina or any carbonated drinks.

    I have never been alcoholic all my life. I don’t drink beer or take anything alcoholic, mine was just coke, but now, it is water all the way to the glory of God.

    Water is life!

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