After rejecting the offer, is he regretting or rejoicing now?

    S.M Atabo (PhD)

    A job opportunity to work in Dubai came soon after I obtained my PhD from UDUS and a lecturing job offer from Bayero University Kano (BUK).

    Today marks precisely one year since I turned down the offer of appointment from the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), Dubai (for easy reference).

    This was a tough decision I made out of patriotism for my country. I chose to stay back and work in BUK rather than go abroad. I received härsh critïcism from my family and friends for making this decision .

    Yes, I applied for the job at UAEU and I was interviewed. Out of over 200 applicants from around the world, I was selected as the top prospect. It was after all preparations were made and I was on the verge of leaving the country that I realized I was not ready to trade my job in Nigeria for the sake of moving abroad.

    Today, those of us in academia who chose to stay back are paying a bitter price because our government entered into several agreements with ASUU and failed to implement them. Gosh!! These are agreements our government voluntarily entered into and signed several years ago.

    After six months of ASUU strike, instead of our government addressing the issue, its best solution was to blackmail ASUU and threaten us with ‘‘No Work, No Pay’’

    No wonder our generation is now a ‘‘Japa generation,’’ people now leave this country at the slightest opportunity. We are slaves in our own country.

    S.M. Atabo (PhD)
    Bayero University Kano

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