I can never forget the  beaten I received on the day MKO Abiola died in 1998

    Then I was in secondary school, I was in SS2 staying with my elder brother.

    On that morning, I dressed up to go school, myself and my brother’s wife nephew Kehinde.

    Then we were staying at Jakande estate Oke Afa, isolo. Kehinde was schooling at Ikotun high school, while I was schooling at Ansarudeen college isolo.

    So on that morning, when I got to Jakande gate, there were touts burning tyre, there were no commercial vehicles so people were stranded at the estate gate because there were no busses to convey them to there various work place.

    So later, policemen came and started shooting, everyone started running, the touts that were burning tyre also ran away, so the policemen now said everyone can pass, but before you pass you must raise your two hands up, that was how I went to school in isolo, while Kehinde went to Ikotun.

    So, when I came back in the afternoon, I met my brother at home with his wife, they actually went back home because of the riots at estate gate. So, when my brother saw me, he asked me why i didn’t return home with all that happened at the estate gate, I told him that, the policemen told us to pass that we should raise our hands up, and again exam was going on, he wasn’t pleased with my excuse, he told me to stool down, which I did, the truth is, I could have gone back home, but the house was a hell for me, my brother’s wife was a terrible human being, I saw hell when I was with them, that anytime am at home, I always feel sad.

    While I was stooling down, Kehinde also entered, my brother ask him why he also went to Ikotun with the situation of the town on that day, he too could not offer a tangible explanation, my brother told him to stool down also. 

    My brother just went to kitchen and pick tunner ( omorogun ) big one, and he is someone that has high  temperament, as he was coming from the kitchen with the tunner, my brother’s wife started begging for her nephew, you know what, my brother pardoned his wife’s nephew and descended on me, won fe na mi pa, he beat to the extent that my neck swelled up, my head swelled up, I was beaten like an arm robber, that people on the streets when they saw me, they were crying for me, the funnest thing was that, when my brother was beating me, his wife was mentioning another offense, she was very happy that her husband as if am her rival.

    Now, let us assume I did wrong, if you could beat me like that, you should be able to beat your wife’s nephew like that, if you could pardon your wife’s nephew, then you should pardon me too.

    After that day, I started telling my mummy and my elder sister, that I can no longer stay in the place, they were begging me to endure, that they were only training me, when my mum didn’t listen, I called my brother myself, that I don’t want to live with them again, that was how I left the place.

    I remember then that, my brother wife will just be reporting every mistake, things that doesn’t have meaning, things that she should have ignored, and anytime she reports me, as soon her husband enters home from work, she will start narrating my offense, my brother will not spare me, it’s always serious beaten, you know those men that there wife has very strong influence over them.

    After I left, they employed a house girl, she maltreated the house girl to the extent that the house girl ran away from there house, and when the matter was reported to the police, the police locked her up for days, that the husband couldn’t go to work, was looking for the house girl, until a neighbor saw the girl and apprehended her, before they could release her.

    These are christians, they attend Apostolic faith, they see everyone around them as sinners, they carry the church on there head, whenever they are praying like this, they will be crying, they will say they are crying for there sins.

    The truth is that after I left my brother now realized all they did to me, and was trying to correct his mistake by calling me, sending me money, helping me out sometimes when I needed his help, he also joined hands with my elder sister to be paying my school fees while in higher institution, but those memories I had while leaving with them remains indelible in my heart and memory.

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