2022 NFF Elections : Gusau, Better Than The Rest

As the days draw nearer to the 2022 NFF elections slated for this month in ancient city of Benin, Edo State, one name that has strong human relationship and capcity to be the next NFF president is Alhaji Ibrahim Musa Gusau, says NFF congress member, who wants to remain annoymous.

Gusau is the chairman of Zamfara football association and he is also the chairman of chairmen in the NFF Congress. An astute football administrator and leader, who has used his position to better the lots of his fellow congress men in the Federation.

“One key factor working in his favour is his strong human relationship among the football family in Nigeria. He is a leader who enjoys good will of the people he is leading, people who are warmly affectionate to his desire to become the next supremo of the NFF.

“Of course, there are other candidates vying for the office of NFF president. The fact of the matter is that football politics is quite different from the regular political contest involving political parties. 

“Football politics under this present dispensation in the year 2022 is a different atmosphere where strong bond with your electorates is very vital in making you very formidable to win and lead the Federation.

“And this is where Gusau clearly stands out. He is not your ideal man with large wallet of money flowing around to buy his way into becoming the next NFF president. 

“What he has going for him remains his strong human relationship with his fellow congress men, other stakeholders and his strong capacity to make Nigeria football better.

“The NFF congressmen knows the man who has stood behind them during their time of personal crisis. The congress men knew the man who has shown tremendous empathy to them in their time of pain and that man is Gusau.

“Some football stakeholders also want to contest NFF Presidency. The more, the merrier, but we know the person that has shown listening ears to the plight of football in their respective states of these NFF congress men.

“In this season of football politics, we will only allow a selfless football administrator to run the affairs of football in Nigeria. Shocker awaits any candidate that feels he can use money to canvass for votes to become the next NFF president. 

“There are names already mentioned that want to contest NFF presidency and have already purchased the nomination form. Those who want to pick the form can do so with the hope that their pedigree will pave way for them, bearing in mind humanness is crucial and paramount in all that we do.

“Leadership is about carrying along the people who elected you into the office. A  leader should give his followers a sense of belonging, make them feel relevant in the system and from all the names of the people nursing the ambition to become the next NFF president, Ibrahim Musa Gusau is clearly better than the rest in this regard,” he said.

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