11 Reasons To Stop Being Fake

    By Aina Ngozi Ebunola

    Many people today are living a fake life and thereby have plunged themselves into diverse kinds of conditions of the reality of life.

    Getting real requires authenticity. Authenticity is the key of getting real: be true to yourself and others.

    Getting real requires self-awareness and the willingness to grow.

    To be real is to be genuine, to be honest, to be truthful…
    To be real, you have to know who you are. You are what you do repeatedly and consistently.

    To be fake can’t last for long because liars have short memory. There is no need to pretend or fake before God or your helpers.

    Why will you go to God and not be real? In Luke chapter 18 verse 9 to 14, the bible made us to understand that the publican was real before God’s presence and went home more justified than the pharisee who was proud and fake before God and saw himself without any sin before God’s presence.

    God wants us to always come as we are, and He will help us become who we should be.

    1.) Being real will attract help from people.
    2.) Being real will make people know who you really are.
    3.) Being real makes people respect you.
    4.) Being real gives you peace of mind.
    5.) Being real does not make you struggle to be someone else, you are yourself.
    6.) Being real makes you justified before God and before man and also make you attract help before God and before man.
    7.) Being real can make you achieve a goal.
    8.) Being real makes you fulfilled.
    9.) Being real makes God to be there for you always.
    10.) Being real makes you a person after God’s heart.
    11.) Being real makes you stand out anywhere you find yourself.

    Aina Ngozi Ebunola is a certified professional career counsellor. She wrote from Lagos, Nigeria.

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