By Juwon Tunde, Abuja

if you have the patience to analyse the pains, anguish, torment and psychological torture victims go through, you will shed tears and wonder how beastly men could be.
We must agree that some girls make themselves available for the adventure or misadventure for several factors but this does not in any way provide an insulation for gorillas posing as men.

An offer or the so called green light should not in any way distort your rationality and the capacity to take sound decisions, reject the offer and rebuke the “offerer”

The loss of self esteem, self confidence, self belief and trust in others have driven many victims to suicide

Many have lost their future, destinies, hope and life from the trauma of experiencing the beastly nature of men they had reposed a lot of trust in.

I know of a female student who was saved by my seeming accidental but divine presence and naughty nature at the same faculty of arts, Geography lab, 6th floor in the same Unilag long time ago.

I saw her go in with so much apprehension and fright at about 9pm obviously at the request of one notorious lecturer, my instincts drove me to help this unknown little girl escape the treacherous hands of the man who taught philosophy of education then.

All I did was to bang on the door and flee into one of the lecture classrooms, I repeated this act about 4 times and I saw the girl released by the Randy Bondo…

The speed and flight of the girl that day simply painted a picture of relief and freedom from the grapple hold of a shameless chimp

Mr shameless Randy came looking for the intruder who truncated his plans, I eased out of my docking position and walked past him with a cheerful greeting on the corridors to give him a hint of whodunit.

Of course he was sure I did it because I was a gentle trouble maker in those days with Bimbo Abubakar, Richie Ajijo, (both pastors now) and Kenny + Sowore of Sahara reporters and revolutions fame, including Bola Ilori as accomplices.

Mr rowdy Randy lecturer and myself were like cat and mouse until I left him in Unilag.

Prof Boniface and his likes in pastoral misadventure are a disgrace and a shame to their faith, religion, family, profession and society.

Parents, put your girl child at ease so that she can relate with you and inadvertently insulate her from the likes of Prof Boniface. Many parents are too rigid and stern with their wards thereby denying themselves and children the right atmosphere for proper bonding and parenting

And for men, women and guys exploiting vulnerable boys and girls, be reminded, you are laying the foundation for your children to reap what you are sowing in greater measure.

The ones you trust are usually the ones who will betray you.

Pastors, prophetesses, Imams, Royal fathers, Lecturers, bosses in the office, team handlers in sports, Counsellors, Doctors, Senators, Governors,, Presidents, care givers, everybody you can think of are involved in this evil act.

Think again, think about your daughter going through the same thing you are doing to another person’s child, may be, just may be common sense will prevail on your libidinous insanity to find another place for expression and save humanity of psychological wrecks and distorted destinies

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