My Encounter With Oyakhilome

    Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

    By Olayinka Oluwatosin Oludare

    Few days ago, there was a report all over social media, that Chris Oyakhilome has suspended his nephew Daysman Oyakhilome, because the guy accepted to work for Tinubu. That news made me to remember the encounter I had with the guy early last year.

    On that very day, I was coming from Ogba, driving a Nissan Quest  2011 model, so when I got to NNPC Omole, I branched to fuel the car.

    As I came out of the petrol station, a Lincoln SUV was flashing me from the back, I was wondering who he was, and since my office was just about 3 plots away, I drove off, I now stopped in front of my office.

    As soon I stopped, the Lincoln SUV also stopped beside me, four guys and a lady descended from the car, I was kind of afraid, because  I do not know who they were.

    So one of them, told me he was interested in the car, because he saw FOR SALE inscription on it, that is why they were following me.

    I said it’s for sale, he asked how much?  I said N2.5m, he negotiated for 2.2m and I accepted.

    So he now said I should follow him  to Omole with the car, that his mechanic will inspect, then he will pay me. So I called a colleague of mine to follow me. So on getting there, I parked, he now said I should enter the compound, I did, I saw a lot of cars, Rolls Royce,  BMW GT continent, Jaguar, Caravan bus etc. 

    He told me those are his cars. He now told his boys to Google Nissan quest 2011, they did, and they gave him report, he called a mechanic, the mechanic inspected and he said the car was good.

    After that, he now told me that he will pay me N1m, that day, that I will drop the car, then come back for the balance the following day, I said I can’t do that, that the person who gave me the car to sell, will not accept that, that we are only selling cheap, that the tokunbo of it is over 7m, that I can come back the second day with the car and collect the money in full, if the whole money is ready.

    So when I came back to office, one man who saw him when he approached me with his boys, now asked me, don’t you know that guy? I I responded, that I don’t know him, he said that is Chris Oyakhilome son, I said really? I now picked my phone, I googled Chris Oyakhilome son? the answer was that, Oyakhilome doesn’t have a son, but 2 daughters, that the guy they called his is Daysman Oyakhilome who is a biological son to Oyakhilome sister, that the guy is been positioned to take over from Chris Oyakhilome in the future. I now saw the guy on YouTube, where he was rolling on dollars, speaking in tongues, will be mentioning dollars and pounds in his speaking in tongues.

    So the second day, one of his boys called me, that don’t I want to sell again, that his boss was expecting me, few minutes after that, he also called me that am not serious, don’t I want to sell again, I now took the car back to his house inside omole estate, when I got there, I didn’t see him, his boy told me, that oga said he can only pay N1 million now, that I should come back later for the balance, then I will drop the car, I now said I thought I have explained to you and your boss yesterday, that I can’t do that, I now started calling the number he used to call me, behold the number wasn’t going.

    That was how I drove the car back to the office.

    The question that was in my mind that day was, someone that has that amount of luxury cars in his compound, someone who was rolling on dollars and pounds in a video, someone that was teaching the congregation how to make dollars and pounds, how come he can’t pay for 2.2million car instantly? 

    If I had collected that  N1million and dropped the car with him, if he decides not to pay the balance, do I have the financial muscle and strength to engage him in a legal way in other to collect the balance? 

    The boy is a very small boy, my google research told me he was born 1996. 

    Olayinka Oluwatosin Oludare writes from Lagos, Nigeria

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