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Human Right Violation : Imumolen Slams Facebook, Organic More, Demands over N50b  for damages

Managing Director and CEO, Reinworth Limited, Mr. Francis Imumolen, a Nigerian is set to sue Facebook and Organic More Company, a Marketing Firm based in Abuja, Nigeria for unauthorized use and publication of his image for prostrate cancer herbal product promo, demanding over #50,000,000,000 (Fifty Billion Naira Only) compensation.

According to Mr. Imumolen, the suit will be necessary to seek redress in the event of failure of the organisations concerned to reply to a five working day given from the receipt of the notices of complaint served and subsequent pre-order notices also to be served them by counsel to Mr. Imumolen, a Multimedia Publicist and former News Reporter and Sports Commentator at Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, popularly called Radio Nigeria who claimed he saw the advert online on 08/01/2023.

However, in a recent twist in a letter replied by Facebook International service, Nigeria, it was clearly stated that the letter of complaint should not be sent to them but advised that it should be written to Meta Platforms office in California, USA, who have the right to handle such issue.

It is on this grounds Mr. Imumolen seeks to put the issue on both international and local media and other means possible to get justice.

The Journalist, Mr. Imumolen disclosing his utter shock and bewilderment on seeing the advert on January 8 this year, remarked that he had to do a recorded conversation while calling the Abuja firm on phone to know their exact operational office location, and he also emphasized that he later traveled from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory being the country’s capital city on a fact finding mission to locate the office.

Counsel to Mr. Imumolen had described the conducts of Facebook and the local firm as unwarranted, defamatory and odious advert publication of his client’s image on Facebook Page without his consent for use of herbal product for prostate cancer, and therefore demanded on the instructions of his client:

1, Compensation of #50,000,000,000 (Fifty Billion Naira Only) or its ‘Dollar Equivalent’ and unreserved apology to be published on Facebook and one  National Daily in Nigeria from Facebook International among other demands.

2, Compensation of #100,000,000 ( One Hundred Million Naira Only) from Organic More.

The counsel was also quoted to say; “This online publication no doubt, has caused our client untold hardship, serious trauma; emotional, physical, psychological, and mental torture and has further caused him to suffer break down in his health as a result of series of phone calls he had received from family members and friends, who came across the said online advert, moreso when his consent was never sought or obtained before your Organisation permitted the said company to conduct itself unlawfully.”

“We make bold to say that our client is neither suffering from prostate cancer nor any cancer disease at all and he wonders why Facebook without verifying the source of the picture or confirming whether a written consent of the owner had been sought and obtained, just without caution went ahead to allow the use of our client’s picture. There is no gainsaying the fact that the action of Facebook International has caused many of the callers of our client to start avoiding him or having any physical contact with him since then.” 

“Candidly therefore, your company’s action constitutes a clear and joint violation of our client’s intellectual right, right to dignity and privacy along with Organic More, and he is thus entitled to an immediate exemplary compensation from your company.”

While also saying a lot of persons have drawn his attention to the said advert, which is believed to have running on Facebook since late last year and gone viral, Mr. Imumolen noted he would not fail to seek redress at a competent court of jurisdiction, should the two firms refuse to meet his demands.

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