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Aspire FC : Developing All Sectors Of Football Simultaneously

In the world today, sports, especially football, is seen as the largest employer of labour. Football has remained, is, and will still remain one of the major sources through which life’s stress is eased.

Before now, Anambra State had never had it so good in the area of football, not minding football legends, and icons she had produced.

Sadly, Ndi Anambra paid more attention to European football, leaving ours to its tent. That was then, but not anymore.

Today, Anambra State has woken from her deep sleep in the area of football and other sporting activities. Our local football clubs have become subjects of discussion unlike before.

Recall that in the year 2018, a football club was founded in Adazi Ani by Dr Emeka Okeke. Dr Okeke is a Medical Professional and Philanthropist. A youth with so much energy, passion and zeal to rewrite the history of Football in Anambra State.

Trailblazer …Dr. Emeka Okeke

Aspire Football Club Adazi Ani got registered with Anambra State Football Association (ANSFA), which made them eligible to participate in the Anambra State Football Association Challenge Cup in the year 2019.

In less than three months of existence, Aspire FC, Adazi Ani became the Defending Champions of Anambra State Football Association Challenge Cup, 2019 season.

Fast forward to August 2019, Aspire FC Adazi Ani, as a league club, participated in the Nationwide League One, Amateur Division Two at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu, and got promoted to Amateur Division One.

Like the popular saying goes, “Football is Entertainment and Entertainment is Football. Aspire FC, Adazi Ani adopted that philosophy because they believe that football touches life in all its ramification.

During the first wave of the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown in Nigeria, Aspire FC initiated what they tagged, “Aspire FC giveaway radio contest”. More than four radio stations in Anambra State were used for the giveaway, and more than 100 youths, including women and men, got 5,000 Naira each. That’s one of the ways through which Aspire FC reaches out to the grassroots.

In the second quarter of 2020, Aspire FC launched what they tagged, “Aspire FC Egwu Ogene Contest”. The contest was designed to promote the Africa/Igbo culture through Ogene Music. More than 50 ogene groups participated in the contest and all of them benefited from the magnanimity of the Dr Emeka Okeke (Owner/Founder) of Aspire FC, Adazi Ani.

As a grassroots football club, Aspire FC is committed to developing grassroots football in Anambra State.

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