10 things that will happen if gang up against Pinnick succeed

By Adewale Ajayi 

If they succeed in removing Amaju Pinnick and his board, the following will happen to Nigeria football.

1. Nigeria football will go on automatic rewind. The whole foundation of the game will collapse.
2. The door will be officially opened hijackers and usurpers to take over Nigeria football. Those at the forefront of this fresh agenda are worse than those they want to remove.
3. The sponsors, 11 in all will take the backseat, meaning they will all pull out of Nigeria football, leaving our football at the mercy of government who have failed in their responsibility to put their money where their mouth is. 
4. All foreign coaches attached to the various national teams will leave as there will not be any money to pay their salaries. 
5. Foreign based professionals will stop honoring National call ups because there will be backlog of unpaid match bonuses. 
6. NIKE will withdraw it’s kit sponsorship for the various national teams and as you know, we have lost all existing relationships with Adidas and Puma is not willing to accept us. 
7. The Nigeria league will fall from it’s semi-grace to grass as hunters will chase out the LMC and leave the league at the mercy of marauders. 
8. The women’s game will suffer even more as the new sponsors will also seek an escape route. 
9. Then we will return to the Era of going cap in hands to government begging for funds to run football. 
10. Then we will pull out of major competitions and our ranking in world football will drop massively.

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