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U17 AFCON : Know More About Five (5) Additional Players’ Rule

The 5 additional players are optional, and all their related expenses are covered by their association. Teams can choose to register 21 players only on their list.

Associations can choose to register additional 1, 2 or up to 5 additional players; not necessarily 5.

The additional registered players will be part of the teams’ final squad and are subject to MRI test.

* The provisions of article 58.3 are still observed:*

“The name of the twenty-one players must be written on the list of each match (11 players and 10 substitutes. Only 17 persons (7 officials and 10 substitutes) shall be authorised to seat on the substitution bench.”

Hence, the associations choosing to register additional players will choose 21 players only for each match. The players chosen can vary from one match to another as long as they are from the initial list approved by CAF.

The extra players who will not be on the list of 21 will not sit on the bench during the match. They will be seated in the technical seats.

The jersey number of the additional players will continue from 22 to 26. Example: if a team register one additional player, he will have the number 22, in case of 2 additional players, they will have the numbers 22 and 23 and if 5 additional players they will have the numbers, 22 to 26.

• Teams are allowed to register more than 3 goalkeepers from the additional list of players if they wish.

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