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Tragedy Averted: Qatar Airways Flight Abuja – Doha, Diverted to Athens, Greece

By Francis Achi in Melbourne, Australia 

The Qatar Airways plane we boarded and took off from Abuja to Doha, Qatar at 7pm on Tuesday,18th July, 2023, developed a fault. It was a big technical issue that made the pilot divert the flight to Athens, the capital of Greece.

The mercy and goodness of God enabled the pilot to land successfully at Athens. What happened prior to the landing was indeed scary, but God was in control.

Many passengers were not even aware of the dangerous situation as they were deep in sleep.

We landed at Athens at some minutes after 2am and we were informed that the plane would be fixed and the cabin crew pleaded with the passengers.

The Qatar Airways staff all demonstrated sound professionalism all through the ordeal.

We were at Athens Airport for another 10 hours. The situation was very pitiable, especially with the children.

Anyway, we had our breakfast at the airport courtsey of Qatar Airways and endured the process until another aircraft was brought in to complete the journey to Doha. The management of Qatar Airways sent apologized.

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Tragedy Averted: Qatar Airways Flight Abuja - Doha, Diverted to Athens, Greece 3

We landed safely at Doha. Praise God! Somebody shout Hallelujah!

I took my connecting flight there to Melbourne, Australia. It was very smooth and stressless.  We landed at the Melbourne airport after 12 hrs, 55 mins airborne.

I must note what I observed in this drama. The aircraft that conveyed us from Abuja can be described as a bit old and on the level of grade 3.

The other aircraft that was deployed as a backup to continue the journey to Doha from Athens was far better than the one that began the journey in Abuja. I rated it as grade 2.

The aircraft that took me to Melbourne, Australia, was in another class of sublimity entirely. It was the biggest, the interior different from the other two. It was in Grade A category.

The management of Qatar Airlines can do better in this regard.

In all these, I give God the glory for divine safety all through the tedious journey.

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