Tears of joy…

    Luis Diaz scored a brace as Columbia came from behind to defeat Brazil 2-1 last night.

    But the photo of Diaz Sr. in tears after his son put smiles on the faces of Colombians worldwide made my day.

    Few week ago, he was kidnapped alongside his wife. The wife was released by the kidnappers, while he remained with the terrorists.

    He was eventually released about a week ago.

    Only God knew the thoughts that might have flooded his mind while he was at the den of the kidnappers.

    “Will I ever see my beloved Luis again. Is this the end of my life.” Such thoughts might have gone through his mind.

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    Tears of joy… 3

    Luis Diaz’s father in tears of joy after his son scored a brace against Brazil

    Fortunately, the goodness of the merciful God came his way. He was released by the kidnappers.

    And just yesterday, his son helped Colombia to defeat Brazil and the tears flowed uncontrollably, the tears of joy.

    Columbia had never defeated Brazil in a world cup qualifying game in 15 attempts until last night. Luis Diaz made this happen.

    May our children bring joy to us that we make us shed the tears of joy over their achievements in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

    May we be alive to celebrate many achievements of our children by the grace of God, amen.

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