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Oshiomhole: Refusing to bow to belligerent Governors

By Eboigbe Augustine

Ikpoba-Okha, Edo State.

As the hawks gather to feast on the carrion left behind by Apex predators in the wild, so also have some unscrupulous members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) decided to congregate with one singular aim: to remove the Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

The pretext being used as a smokescreen by detractors of Comrade Oshiomhole are laughable and fall like a pack of cards when held up against the most basic line of questioning. If asked what the grievous offende Adams Oshiomhole committed, those who want him out come up with a lot of nebulous and fuzzy answers that all but detract from the issue on ground. 

These make one question the maxim that loyalty is the currency of politics, for this man Oshiomhole is the epitome of unquestionable loyalty to the cause of the APC, and has so shown on numerous occasions in the past. Why then will his political proteges turn on him, you wonder?

Let’s not erroneously forget that it was his political tactics and doggedness that ensured the exeat of the perfidious Saraki and his cohorts, who were made to eat humble pie with a humiliating defeat at the hands of the APC in their various states. Especially Kwara where the Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki suffered a humbling defeat courtesy of the ‘O To Ge!’ rallying cry.

The same Oshiomhole has ensured the enthronement of party supremacy and party discipline while simultaneously eliminating impunity within the rank and file of the APC.  In his characteristic intransigence, he had refused to bow to the will of various Governors within the party and naturally, this has ruffled feathers which has in turn seen these belligerent Governors seek the path of revanchism for these perceived injuries to their monstrous egos.

With political coup plotter in-Chief Governor Godwin Obaseki continuing to fulminate against his benefactor who against the wishes of the majority in the party decided to hand pick a political neophyte and proceeded to sell him to Edo people. Now like a rabid dog, the godson has turned 360° to bite the same fingers that fed him. 

Obaseki seems to have forgotten that his predecessor saw to it that all the Senators who decamped to the PDP in 2018 with the intention of weakening the APC and fighting against the 2nd term bid of President Buhari lost their elections. The Edo State Governor should know that the same fate which befell the more politically seasoned Saraki can also befall him.

The mirth that greeted the announcement of the purported APC South-South meeting convened at the behest of Gov. Obaseki is better imagined than seen.

The get together (for want of a better expression) had in attendance politicians of zero electoral value and relevance, who are neither principal officers of the party’s NWC nor NEC from the zone. Interestingly, the Vice-Chairman of the APC in the South-South, Mr. Hilliard Eta, in a statement has since distanced the leaders of the party in the region from the meeting, and has come out to condemn in strong terms, the illegal and bizarre meeting which serves only the selfish interests of some disloyal party members with Governor Obaseki as the spearhead.

Where Governor Obaseki is isolationist, allegedly full of dictatorial tendencies and malicious. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has proven to be gregarious, democratic and reconciliatory. The contrast between both men couldn’t be more stark when taking into consideration that the sitting Governor by sheer intimidation forced a few inconsequential renegades to sign a purported suspension order against his Chairman and benefactor. 

In response, Oshiomhole as a loving and forgiving father on the other hand has since said plainly on National TV that his successor has nothing to fear in his quest for a second tenure.

As for the other dramatis personae involved in this eerie plot, they have their individual interests which all point firmly at the 2023 elections. As alleged, the Governors of Ekiti, Kebbi, and Ondo states have their personal agenda, but a betting man would predict the smart cash to be on another bout of infighting if their destructive plot succeeds.

It is said that the reward for work is more work, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has worked hard and deserves more work as Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC. Explicitly any attempt from detractors to distract him from positioning our great party to consolidate on our commendable gains will serve more harm than good on the collective and should be resisted by all well meaning members of the APC.

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