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No election has produced upsets like this election – Olarewaju Osho SDP, Senatorial candidate FCT

As people of God sir, I expect us to be able to read in-between the lines, be objective and not surrender to sentiments.

Every of these 3 political parties played dirty one way or the other as professional politicians always do. But largely, the outcome reflects the strength of the parties, the decisions of the voters and the candidates.

For example I lost to Peter Obi’s popularity in Abuja (not to Ireti Kingibe) but I accepted it in good fate because I knew the results was largely true. I was expecting over 250,000 votes based on my hard work, but in the end we didn’t have up to 2000 votes despite many of people like you promising to vote for me. That’s the way elections are. Matured people take it calmly and move on. Others look for faults to prove that the system is compromised.

Look at it this way: If these allegations of APC rigging is true,
Will APC lose
In Lagos.
In Osun.
In Katsina
In Plateau.
In Kaduna
In Jigawa where APC is is the ruling party (except Osun which they just lost)

If there was rigging, will APC fail to secure 25% in Abuja, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo etc?

Emotions prevent Nigerians from seeing clearly most of the time.
Sentiments make us spread lies that are well packaged to us as the truth.

No election has produced upsets like this election if we will accept the truth.

Six governors lost their Sénatorial elections to lesser candidates.

Big time Senators lost to new candidates.

Thousands of new voters showed up for the first time.

PDP won Yobe for the first time since 1999. PDP lost Delta State for the first time since 1999.

The President lost his home state.

Underaged voters were nearly totally wiped out.

Labour Party despite the popularity surge made some simple mistakes that outside observers didn’t notice. We must go to the drawing board to correct this mistakes if Labour Party will become a National Party that can win in 2027.

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