Home News How Nigeria Police helped Nigerian woman at Ojuelegba bridge

How Nigeria Police helped Nigerian woman at Ojuelegba bridge

At 01;15 a.m today, our officers on patrol of Funsho Williams Avenue spotted a Honda Acura 4WD stranded on Ojuelegba Bridge.

The driver, a lady carrying a baby was with a small boy and two young men assisting her to push the vehicle off the bridge.

Our officers detoured and approached the lady. The vehicle battery had gone flat. The team, with their cable, assisted the lady in jump starting the car.

The officers decided to follow her to be sure everything was okay. After few minutes’ drive, the vehicle stopped again. The team discovered the car had run out of fuel. They gave her some fuel and accompanied her to Maryland, where she got additional fuel into the car.

The leader of the team decided to know her destination. The lady told the team she was heading to Mile 12.

Mindful of the cult clashes in the area in the last few day, the officers sensed it would be unsafe to allow her drive unaccompanied in that area.

Again, the team escorted her to a safe spot before continuing their patrol.

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