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Murder of CBN staff: Tension rises in Ibara…as youths demand speedy investigation

There seem to be palpable tension in Ibara land, Ogun state, as youth of the community are threatening to take laws into their hands if the investigation into the killing of a CBN staff, his wife and son on new year day is not fast-tracked and suspects brought to book.

You may want to recall that the nation woke up to the news of the killing of an Assistant Director with the Central Bank of Nigeria staff, Mr. Kehinde Fatinoye, his wife and son on new year day in Ibara town. Nigerians far and near condemned the killing, while calling on the Nigeria police to go for a manhunt of the killers.

While the indigenes were still heartbroken with the murder case, an online publication broke the news few days later that the only suspect, Lekan Adekanbi arrested by the police had escaped from their custody in the most ridiculous manner, a situation that has led to members of the community not totally trusting the sincerity of the state police to handle the matter.

The indigenes are still so angry that almost three weeks since the day of the incident, and the said escape of the suspect from custody there has been noting much coming from the police in the way of information to re-assure the residents that they are still in pursuit of the suspect. And the youths seem no-longer comfortable with the situation.

Regrettably, the police PRO, Abimbola Oyeyemi for the first time in one of the radio programs could not specifically mention the efforts of the police as well as the justification for a prime suspect in a multiple murder case escaping from police net. He was just beating about the bush as members of the public were asking him vital questions concerning the incident.

Apparently angered by the attitude of the state police, our correspondent in Ibara revealed that the youths are gearing up for a protest to demand for a quick resolution of the case.

One of the youths who for obvious reason did not want his name on print maintained that they are indeed disappointed and dissatisfied with the way the investigation have been going.

“Let us just say we are totally dissatisfied with the whole process of the investigation. We know that there has been several killings like this in this country that nothing much was heard of after some time. And it starts like this. We are seeing the handwritten that this one too want to go the same way.

“That is why we are crying out that President Buhari and the Inspector General of police must come into this case and order a proper investigation, and not this thing they are doing here in the state police.

“We want to say if we wait for some time, and do not see much progress we would be forced to take the law into our hands. This is why we are appealing to those in the higher authorities to give us justice and bring the suspects to book.

“imagine whipping out a whole family in our community, and the whole world want us to be calm. We no longer trust the investigation of our state police because they seem to have compromised, otherwise how do you explain how the only suspect escaping from their custody in the most funny manner,” he lamented.

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