Mbappe should watch out

    Kylian Mbappe in conflict with Neymar over who to take the penalty

    By Joshua Simon

    It is not debatable that Kylian Mbappe is a very talented football player with a penchant for success and glory but his arrogance and disdain demeanor is nauseating.

    He missed the first penalty and still had the effrontery to drag the second one with Neymar. 

    Embarking on his penalty jostle, he shrugged Lionel Messi (a whole Lionel Messi) and acted like nothing happened. Even if it was a mistake, no sign of remorse which left Messi totally stupefied.

    According to a veritable report, Mbappe told the PSG hierarchy to sell Neymar and Neymar later found out. That has brought a rift between both of them ever since.

    Messi is just too calm for me. I trust Cristiano Ronaldo in this scenario. You won’t try such nonsense with him. In fact, if he goes to PSG today, any other player will need special permission to take penalties.

    I am not saying Mbappe won’t do well in his career but he may never match whatever Messi has ever achieved. 

    He should mellow because this negative attitude he is exuding won’t make him a better player. He can only continue to be a local champion in France.

    Maybe when he wins one Ballon d’Or, we can start taking him seriously.

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