Lucky NFF heave sigh of relief as weaklings return to NNL

Chieftains of the Nigeria football federation, the LMC and major stakeholders of Nigeria football that were worried after over six months of inactivity in Nigeria domestic league, can now sleep with their two eyes closed, after four lightweights, Kogi United, Delta Force,  Real stars and Shooting stars sports club of Ibadan all failed to scale the huddle posed by the Super 8, played in the commercial city of Aba in Abia state.

There was palpable fear as to what happens if the big teams fail to go through. Many were worried knowing the influence behind the likes of Remo stars of Ogun state, Insurance of Benin, Gombe United and Kada stars FC of Kaduna state.

  Three, out of the four teams that finally picked the NPFL ticket, have made life very uncomfortable for the NFF as the storm of confusion rages on in the last six months but there now seem to be light at the end of the tunnel as the supposed weaklings with little or no financial backings, return to where they rightfully belong.

In December last year, 3SC and Kogi United teamed up with three others, in protest, while Real stars FC, Delta Force and Gombe United spent four days in Aba in solidarity with the NFF but it ended in NO SHOW as the competition was shifted to 2019 to allow protesting teams recruit fresh players and make up their minds to participate.

That they finally did as all teams eventually showed up in Aba from January 5 but just four, Remo stars, Kada Stars, Insurance of Benin and Gombe united were lucky to scale through.

Will the unlucky four go down in good faith or go back to the struggle? Only time will tell.

By Adewale Ajayi,

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