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Humanitarian Award thrills Wise Trust International CEO, Ayinla

In a world filled with hardship, it is expedient to celebrate the noble deeds of some individuals and corporate organisations that have extended their milk of kindness to humanity in their own special way.

And one of these individuals, a rare gem personality, who over the years has been putting smiles on the faces of widows,  orphans, less privileged and indigent students with his acts of kindness is Pastor Tayo Ayinla, a man that radiates humility and love towards the society.

Having monitored how Pastor Ayinla has allowed himself to be used as a positive instrument of hope for many people in despair, it was therefore not out place when he became the recipient of the Humanitarian Award – Public Service powered by Double Click Limited, publishers of www.totorinews.com.

Speaking to the media after receiving the award, Pastor Ayinla, said that he really appreciates God for his mercy, faithfulness and loving kindness, adding that it is a great privilege to be a blessing to people in the society.

Pastor Ayinda receiving his award from Double Click Network CEO, Francis Achi

“I give God all the glory for everything. The essence of life is to be a blessing to the needy, to give hope to many people contemplating on giving up due to the challenges against them,” Pastor Ayinla said.

“As the CEO of Wise Trust International, the company is into real estate and livestock  farming. In real estate, we want people to know that they should not wait until they become millionaires before they could buy or own a piece of land,” he added.

“For the real estate are our major target are the low income earners that is the reason you are not seeing us in the developed areas like Asokoro, Maitaima in Abuja.

“Most of the places we have out estates are in the developing areas outside Abuja, just to motivate people that they don’t have to be millionaires before they can become land owners.

“With N100,000.00, N200,000.00 or N300,000.00, an individual can simply own a piece of land and the essence is that the value of the land increases over the years.

“Currently, I enjoy what I am doing, not because of the money, but because it gives me joy and excitement. Seeing lives being affected positively is my greatest joy.

“I feel a sense of fulfilment being a factor in putting a smile in somebody’s face. I am satisfied solving problems and doing something worthwhile in life.

“Once again, I appreciate God for this award and I thank the organisers for finding me worthy of being a recipient,” he concluded.

Pastor Ayinla with his award in the midst of the organisers

Pastor Ayinla is the CEO of three companies based in Abuja, Nigeria. Wise Trust International Limited, a real estate and livestock farming company. Bawoen Trust Limited, a financial intelligence, wealth creation and information marketing company, and Timeless Investment Limited, a cooperative society.

He is the Chairman, Board of Directors of Okatayo Foundation for Orphans, widows and the vulnerable in the society.

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