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Hon. Aminu Balele Kurfi Chairs Inaugural Meeting as Chairman of the House Committee on Housing and Habitat

Hon. Aminu Kurfi Balele

Honourable Aminu Balele Kurfi, esteemed member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, chaired his inaugural meeting as the Chairman of the influential House Committee on Housing and Habitat.

The meeting, held at the National Assembly Complex in Abuja, marked the beginning of a dedicated and strategic agenda aimed at addressing crucial housing and habitat-related matters across the nation.

According to the jurisdiction in the Standing order (10 edition) of the House of Representatives. Order 18, Rule 53 posits that the Committee will oversee the Federal Ministry of Housing and Development, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, and Family Homes Fund Ltd.

Hon. Aminu Balele Kurfi, known for his unwavering commitment to national development, opened the session by outlining the Committee’s primary objectives and outlining a roadmap that prioritizes the advancement of housing policies and habitat-related initiatives in Nigeria.

During the meeting, Hon. Kurfi emphasized the pivotal role that adequate housing plays in the socio-economic development of the nation. He reiterated the Committee’s determination to collaborate with stakeholders, experts, and relevant authorities to develop sustainable housing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of Nigerians across different regions and socio-economic strata.

The Chairman highlighted the urgency of addressing housing deficits, advocating for innovative approaches and policies to enhance access to affordable housing, improve living conditions, and ensure sustainable urban development.

Hon. Aminu Balele Kurfi acknowledged the multi-dimensional challenges faced in the housing sector, including access to mortgage finance, infrastructure development, urban planning, and the need for regulatory frameworks. He affirmed the Committee’s commitment to conducting comprehensive oversight and proposing legislative measures to tackle these challenges effectively.

In his inaugural speech, he stated that the Committee “will imbibe the culture of effective legislation, active partnership, efficient collaboration, relevant responsive capacity-building, mutual collective, responsibility, open door policy and critical oversight functions.”

The House Committee on Housing and Habitat, under the leadership of Hon. Aminu Balele Kurfi, is poised to drive impactful changes and contribute significantly to the enhancement of the nation’s housing sector, ensuring that all Nigerians have access to decent and affordable housing.

Hon. Kurfi concluded the meeting by expressing gratitude to the Committee members and stakeholders for their dedication and commitment to the shared goal of transforming the housing landscape in Nigeria for the betterment of all citizens.

He is a core politician, football administrator, economist, farmer, and well a philantropist.

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