Home Sports EXCLUSIVE : European clubs go gaga over Nigerian football wiz- kid

EXCLUSIVE : European clubs go gaga over Nigerian football wiz- kid

Daniel Ejeh, Nigerian football wiz- kid

As long as football exists, Nigeria will never lack football talents and European clubs will continue to jostle to have Nigerian gifted footballers in their fold and that is the case of 11 years old Daniel Ejeh, reports www.totorinews.com exclusively.

Ejeh, the Nigerian football wiz-kid is a raw diamond that will flourish in the round leather game as he continues to develop his game at Mavlon football academy, where he is currently combining football and education.

The football wiz- kid was discovered in the suburb of Abuja, playing football bare footed where he was taken to Mavlon Football Academy in Lagos.

The young prodigy has caught the eyes of some clubs in Europe. Barcelona are in awe of his football genius. Villareal are keen to have him come over to their academy according to the information coming from Raul Lopez, who works with some clubs as football scout.

“Daniel is a football genius. His football is way above his age and it is very obvious that football comes naturally to him at a such a very  young age” Raul Lopez said.

“His football is very suitable to be developed in Spain. His intelligence with the ball is beautiful to watch and I am very sure that we found a rare football gem which comes once in a decade,” he said.

Speaking to www.totorinews.com, the young Ejeh said that he did not learn football and what he does on the pitch comes to naturally, adding that he is not intimidated with the presence of older boys he plays against.

“I love to play football. I just love to play football to win and I did not learn it. I know that if is necessary to pass, I will pass. When it is to shoot, I shoot the ball aiming the goal,” Ejeh said.

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Daniel Ejeh and teammate celebrates a goal

“If I dribble, it is because I want to create space for myself to score or pass for my teammates to continue to have the ball and score,” he said.

Ejeh is currently a JSS 1 student in one of the secondary schools in Lagos State.

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