Shema is multi millionaire oil mogul. His mother was recently kidnapped. The kidnappers demanded for 100 million naira as ransom.

After tough negotiations, 20 million naira was agreed upon as ransom. The kidnappers also gave condition that the ransom should me mint; new notes.

The millionaire approach CBN. He got new money to the tune of 20million. Serially arranged.

He delivered the money to the kidnappers. But before doing that he approached all neighbouring banks and requested them to report anyone who came to deposit money, in large sums, bearing the numbers associated with the money.

Behold! The first person to be arrested was a police inspector. Another lieutenant in the military was arrested.

Upon investigation, the arrested officers confessed that an assistant commissioner of police was also involved.

Pressed further, a top brass in the security was fingered. Shema threatened to go to press. But he was prevailed upon not to. His money was returned. Intact.

A colleague of mine narrated this story to me this morning. As Pathetic as it sounds, the ones given weapons to protect us are the ones oppressing us.

This is how terrible things have degenerated. These are things that Buhari can’t stop. It has a lot to do with our value system, family role etc

God save Nigeria.
Sen. Abdulrahman Abubakar

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