10 signs of irresponsible drivers in Nigeria

    Driving can be fun when you drive with caution. It can also be deadly if you display the following signs on the wheel.

    1. Driving without a spare time is a gross act of irresponsibility.
    2. Driving on a very high speed on Nigerian roads another irresponsible act.
    3. Driving without putting on your seat belt makes you very irresponsible.
    4. Driving without good tyres is suicidal. You are very irresponsible.
    5. Driving within the city and beating the traffic lights is an irresponsible act. Many of us are guilty of this.
    6. You are irresponsible if you are smoking, drinking or even eating while driving. You may lose control of the vehicle.
    7. If you depend on weed or drugs to drive long distance route like inter- states travel, you are very irresponsible.
    8. Calmly follow the queue of vehicles at the security check points. If you behave on the contrary, you are irresponsible and you may be punished by the officers on duty.
    9. If you are driving at night, make sure your vehicle light are very bright to avoid being irresponsible regarding your safety.
    10. Do proper servicing of your car before driving on a long journey. Check the car again in the morning before leaving. Failure to do this, you are very irresponsible.

    You may pray against accident causing spirit, but also be responsible to follow and obey simple laws of safety while driving.

    Drive with caution in this festive season and always.

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